Angel Flight Soars rescues endangered sea turtle

ATLANTA — Angel Flight Soars, best known for its philanthropic air transportation efforts for patients in need of medical care, has soared even higher in facilitating the delicate and sensitive delivery of an endangered green sea turtle.

“Pierce,” a 16-pound rehabilitated green sea turtle, will find its new home in Dubuque, Iowa, on Thursday, June 19.

Pierce will be stopping at DeKalb Peachtree Airport (PDK) June 19 as he transfers to the second leg of his fight that will take him to his final destination in Dubuque.

Angel Flight Soars is orchestrating the relocation of this rescued sea turtle thanks to the generosity, time and efforts of one of its Angel Flight Soars volunteer pilots, Leslie Weinstein, founder of True-Lock and a board member of the University of Florida’s Archie Carr Sea Turtle Research Center.

Pierce’s new home is the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium in Dubuque. He will be flown there from the Georgia Sea Turtle Center located on Jekyll Island.

The safe and secure delivery of Pierce will be a highly delicate operation orchestrated under the strictest federal protection guidelines for endangered species, according to officials. In addition, Pierce will be accompanied by his very own handler, specifically trained for his care.

Angel Flight Soars is a non-profit 501(c)(3) volunteer pilot organization that provides free air transportation for medical treatments that are not available locally and for other compassionate purposes for the benefit of the community. This service is available for any medically stable and ambulatory patient demonstrating a financial need and/or anyone who cannot utilize or access commercial transportation. Angel Flight Soars is funded entirely by corporate and private donations.

For more information: 877-4-AN-ANGEL or


  1. Tom B. says

    While a good thing to showcase GA, I don’t see it as “soared even higher”, to place a sea turtle above human life. Nothing against sea turtles, and it’s cool that they did it, but I think people are more important.

  2. Galen Hanselman says

    Relocation of a rescued sea turtle to Dubuque, Iowa? I don’t get it. Return it to its home.

    • Bill Bailey says

      If you will read the background material, you will note that the turtle is seriously injured and unable to survive in its natural environment. It now has an opportunity to live its long life as an ambassador for the importance of protecting endangered species.

  3. says

    Pierce our lovable sea turtle arrived safe at DBQ. The 3 pilots we can’t thank enough. Our thanks also to the Georgia Airport Commission, Angle Flight Soars, Dubuque Jet Center and Dubuque University and the many others behind the seen. Another feather in the cap of ga and why it is so important to all of us.

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