Fantasy of Flight owner hopes new rum will take off

Kermit Weeks, the owner of Fantasy of Flight in Polk City, Florida, is preparing to launch a brand of spiced rum called “Naked in Jamaica,” according to a report at Weeks has even written a song to hep promote the new rum.


  1. chuck nelson says

    I was at fantasy just before sun and fun. Mr weeks gave a briefing on his plans for the site. There will be a long row of hangers each displayjng different time frames of aviation. The seaplane area by the lake will be expanded and a aviation shopping site to draw the wives of the pilots. After he gave his presentation he gave a demo flight of my favorite warbird, The p51 mustang,i get the shivers everytime I see or hear one. Long live Kermit Weeks

  2. Tom says

    There once was a man from Jamica,
    Who had too many rums at the bar,
    He ended up very much naked,
    And forgot where he had left his car.

  3. Ed Chappell says

    For Pete’s sake, open the airport so people can fly in to the museum! This is so basic It boggels my mind.


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