STC approved for Hartzell prop on Cherokees and Dakotas

Professional Pilots Inc. recently received FAA STC approval for Hartzell’s new “Scimitar” propeller on the Piper Cherokee 235 and Dakota.

This propeller is a direct replacement for the two and three bladed propellers of the past.  The modern scimitar propellers have proven themselves to be much more efficient while producing greater thrust and less vibration, according to company officials.

The propeller is two bladed, and works with the original governor.  In cases where you are removing an older Hartzell two bladed propeller, you may also use your existing spinner, officials note.

The propeller and STC paperwork are offered for $8,400.  If you do need a spinner, that is an additional $950, which includes the bulkhead and dome.

All parts are brand new from the factory, and enjoy Hartzell’s full warranty and TBO.

For more information: 219-696-8726 or

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