IMC Club partners with EAA to establish The IFR Proficiency Center

The IMC Club and the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) have inaugurated a new skill-building center at AirVenture 2014. The IFR Proficiency Center will be a hub for instrument pilots and will feature Tech Talks, IMC Club chapter meetings, and eight Redbird flight simulators on which pilots can gauge their instrument proficiency by flying various approach scenarios.

“Instrument flying skills are key to a great many of our members,” said Jack Pelton, chairman of EAA. “The IFR Proficiency Center will add an important dimension to AirVenture and another destination site for our guests.”

The IFR Proficiency Center will feature six different Tech Talks, two per day, conducted by experts from Jeppesen. Topics will include glass cockpit secrets; weather planning; and instrument chart tips and tricks.

IMCClubLogoNEWIn addition, each day The IMC Club will conduct a model chapter meeting, open to all, to demonstrate the “organized hangar flying” the club is known for.

Throughout each day at the center, eight Redbird flight simulators will be available, where pilots can sign up to test and improve their proficiency by flying multiple instrument approaches under the direction of actual air traffic controllers.

“The IMC Club is proud to partner with the EAA to establish The IFR Proficiency Center,” said Radek Wyrzykowski, founder and president of The IMC Club. “This is a unique attraction at AirVenture and a great way to help pilots feel more comfortable and capable in our instrument system.”

The IFR Proficiency Center will be open every day, Monday through Sunday of AirVenture. There is no charge to participate.

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