Crosswind Concepts expands to Centennial Airport

Crosswind Concepts, an aviation training center based at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport (KBJC) in Broomfield, Colorado, has opened a second training facility at Centennial Airport in Englewood, Colorado.

CC focuses on one of the most crucial – and one of the most deficient – aspects of flight training: Crosswind landings, according to company officials.

“The number one weather-related aviation accident is crosswind landings,” said CC Lead Instructor Paul Dickson, “but the only crosswind training most pilots get is in the cockpit when they encounter a crosswind. That’s a risky scenario for developing proficient crosswind skills.”

Dickson said CC’s mission is to fill this training void, something the company accomplishes with the Redbird Xwind simulator. “A student gains more crosswind landing experience in one hour in the Xwind than the typical private pilot gets in at least two years of flying,” he said. “And it all takes place in a controlled, no-risk environment with zero chance of aircraft damage.”

Crosswind Concepts’ Manager Taylor Albrecht said the Xwind device not only enhances the skills and confidence of pilots in crosswind conditions, but has actually changed some student pilots’ lives.

“Students who were about to quit or wash out of training showed remarkable improvement in landing skills and confidence after taking one of our sessions,” said Albrecht. “Xwind training encouraged and enabled them to continue their pursuit of aviation goals.”

An open house, including Xwind demos, is slated for July 11 and 12 in the CC facility at Centennial Airport.

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