DOT audit says FAA likely to miss drone deadline

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A government report says the FAA will miss the Sept. 30, 2015, deadline set by Congress for drones to share the skies with manned aircraft. The Washington Post said the agency is “significantly behind schedule” in drawing up rules.

The newspaper reported its findings based on a report by the Department of Transportation Inspector General.

There are so many hurdles to overcome, the report declares, that it is unclear when — or if — remotely controlled vehicles can be safely integrated into the nation’s airspace.

The Post reported its own investigations revealed that at least 40 large military drones have crashed while on training missions in the United States since 2001. Also, the Post’s research showed nearly two dozen civilian drones have been involved since 2009.

The DOT’s report cited the inability of manufacturers and the FAA to resolve technological barriers.

Recently a larger number of unlicensed drones have been reported by pilots to have been flying dangerously close and at higher altitudes around airports.

FAA recently issued new clarification of drone rules.



  1. Stephen Kallis, Jr. says

    Real-estate folk use drones to take pictures of buildings. Thodronesse I’ve spoken with pooh-pooh drones as flight hazards. Many are dark colored At the least, they she more easily spottedould be painted with Da-Glo so that they can be more eadily spotted by pilots. Other visual and electronic aids would be highly desirable before they are airborne.

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