Trig Avionics partners with the NextGen Fund

Trig Avionics  has become a NextGen GA Fund Partner. This fund provides customers with access to loans to help GA aircraft owners pay for their ADS-B equipment and related installation costs.

Trig Avionics produces a range of transponders for pilots looking to prepare for the 2020 ADS-B mandate.

TT31 unit in trayThrough the loan program, loans in excess of $10,000 are available to help pilots manage the costs of becoming ADS-B capable. The NextGen GA Fund has been created in direct response to the Department of Transportation’s drive to encourage the flying community to equip for ADS-B Out.

Jon Roper, marketing manager at Trig, shared, “We know pilots want an affordable ADS-B Out solution that is easy to install and operate. Our transponders are smart, affordable and future proof and more pilots are discovering the benefits of Trig. We have a U.S. network of over 200 approved Trig Dealers and a service center in Wichita, Kansas, at Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics.”

The NextGen GA Fund is managed by the NEXA General Partnership and Management Company. This fund was formed by NEXA Capital Partners, which provides specialized transaction-focused services including business advisory, capital planning, corporate finance and investment banking for the aerospace sector.


  1. Tom says

    Oh gee thanks so much for a “loan” as if we wouldn’t have to pay it back or something or that some how if it was a loan then it really doesn’t cost $ 10,000. This sounds like the U.S. government too that thinks that if they borrow the money then it really isn’t money. Ridiculous. Remember for a dollar down and a dollar a week you can get any thing you seek – irresponsibility at its highest. Forget the ADSB, the third class medical, and just get us some mogas at the airport. Thank you.

    • Greg W says

      Tom, the irony of course is that with mogas at $4.00 vs. avgas at $6.00 the cost of these other mandates would be easier to take. I would still not do it, but we only have so much cash and a lot could be saved on fuel cost with mogas, which could then be used for other things. I think it,(mogas), is too simple of a request to take it seriously.

    • Sarah A says

      The real costs comes into play when you look into the sophisticated GPS receiver that you will be required to buy and not so much the Mode S capable transponder. There are some reasonable prices of those transponders (Trig is one notable source) but have you seen the price tag for the GPS ? Does ADS-B really need these expensive GPS receivers when the current crop of handheld receivers are considered acceptable until 2020 ? What do those systems provide that is so much better that the cost is justified ? Of course they have some strict regulations to comply with and certification costs have to be recovered but will someone please explain what we are getting for those extra thousends of dollars and why we need to spend it ? Of course if you have an IFR GPS already then you are set but most do not so will need the special add on receiver to keep ADS-B Out happy (less than a Garmin 430 type system but still a high price).

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