Guardian Avionics introduces FMS 650

Guardian Avionics, a division of CO Guardian, has introduced the FMS 650, a state-of-the-art connected cockpit system.

The unit is installed in your panel and communicates via the RS232 data bus. Bluetooth technology provides multiple data feeds from the FMS 650 to as many as six iPads or iPhones.

650_side_viewPilots and passengers can view real time GPS, Engine, and Instrument data on their handheld devices.

Additionally, the FMS 650 is engineered with two Smart USB chargers, which provide fast and efficient charging to all portable electronics. These features are in addition to the standard CO Detector safety features.

The FMS 650 combined with the Pilot FMS App will automatically record engine and flight data onto your iPad or iPhone. After your flight, the flight data can be automatically uploaded to a secure cloud through a WiFi connection. The secure cloud stores all your engine data, takeoffs, landings, and flight time. The data can be viewed and analyzed later on an iPad or computer or shared with your aviation technician.

More information is available on the company’s website or by calling 520-889-1177.

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