Chesapeake Sport Pilot adds Searey to fleet

STEVENSVILLE, Md. – Chesapeake Sport Pilot has added an amphibious Searey S-LSA to the flight school fleet.


“Searey is one of the most popular amphibious aircraft in production with nearly 300 flying in the US and over 500 flying world wide,” explained Chief Flight Instructor Helen Woods. “Until now though, it was often difficult to obtain quality training to fly a Searey since a pilot had to own his own Searey before he could receive training. Now pilots can simply rent our Searey as part of their training.”

The Chesapeake Sport Pilot’s Searey is specially equipped for training. It features the Rotax 912ULS engine, Advanced Flight Systems EFIS, Garmin GPS with XM weather and TFRs, and a carbon fiber hull. “We outfitted this plane to be an ideal Searey training platform,” explained Woods. “It has all of the equipment we need plus a good useful load.”

Woods and fellow Chesapeake instructor Dan Wroe are both accredited as Searey flight instructors through the Searey Flight Instructors Association.

For more information, call (410) 604-1717 or visit

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