PS Engineering announces IntelliAudio

LENOIR CITY, Tenn. – PS Engineering has licensed Air Force Base Laboratory technology called “Multi-talker” as the cornerstone of the new PMA450. Branded IntelliAudio, the PMA450 combines Digital Signal Processing and a simple user interface to provide a flexibility while virtually eliminating the need for a Pilot Guide.


IntelliAudio makes different radio signals sound as if they are coming from different locations. Nine unique positions to be exact. This feature makes it easier to concentration on the radio of choice while ignoring the radio of less importance. For example, the pilot can choose to pay attention to ATC while ignoring ATIS, depending upon what is pertinent at the moment.

Access to the PMA450s advanced capabilities as well as initial audio panel setup is all accomplished by the pilot through just three soft-keys and a graphic display human interface.

The PMA450 includes the features you’d expect from PS Engineering: IntelliVox, Bluetooth, a built-in 10 Watt-USB charger and full-featured audio-control. In addition to the traditional Nav 1 and Nav 2 audio capabilities, The PMA450 offers three additional audio switched inputs that can be named to represent exactly what those inputs are being used for. For example, the pilot may want to be able to switch on and off audio annunciations like GPS waypoint alerts, AOA alerts, or other types of selectable audio signals.

The PMA450 is plug-and-play with the PMA8000 series and the GARMIN® GMA340 so the amount of time to replace an existing system is negligible, helping to further reduce the cost of upgrading.

See the PMA450 at AirVenture in building D at the main entrance hangar door.

List price of the PMA450 is $2,395 with a built-in marker beacon receiver, or $2,295 without the receiver. Deliveries begin early third quarter of 2014. FAA TSO pending.

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