Friday Harbor Fly-In set for July 26

If airport events conjure up big crowds on acres of concrete, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that one of America’s quaint little islands is about to host its fifth annual Fly-In and Community Open House, Saturday, July 26.

Friday Harbor Airport, on San Juan Island in Washington state, hosts a free day-long family friendly event, starting with a pancake breakfast from 8-10am, a show kickoff at 10, and activities until 3pm.

A large contingent of vintage aircraft will be participating, according to organizers.

With two flying museums nearby, and some serious private aircraft collectors, attendees at Friday Harbor will be treated to low-level passes of World War II fighters, pre-war aircraft, biplanes, homebuilt airplanes, flying replicas, helicopters, and classics.

Many will land and be on display for up-close inspection, including the Blackjack Squadron, who will repeat their formation arrival and landing.

Every emergency medical facility serving San Juan Island will be on hand, with information.  Surrounded by water on all sides, San Juan Islanders depend on aircraft to get to the mainland quickly and conveniently.  And, when “quickly” is critical, flying is the only choice. Under the assumption that the time to learn about emergency medical service is not during an emergency, Islanders will be able to learn what’s available and how to use it, organizers note.

Admission is free to everyone.  Parking is free, too, with a shuttle running every 15 minutes from downtown to parking lots and to the airport.  Free parking locations are at the former Mark N Pak lot at the South end of Airport Circle Drive, the Airport Terminal lot, and limited parking in the Peace Health lot.

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