Subsonex JSX-2 makes first flights

OSHKOSH — Sonex Aircraft reports that the SubSonex Personal Jet model JSX-2 achieved first flight on Thursday, July 10, completing a series of initial flight tests through the remainder of the week.

“Its flight characteristics can be summed up in two words,” remarks JSX-2 test pilot Bob Carlton, “fast and smooth. She handles great and climbs well.”

SubSonex TaxiThe initial goal of the flight test program was to evaluate the systems, flight controls, gear and overall aircraft geometry, and handling through moderately high speeds, all of which were accomplished on Thursday during
three flights, according to company officials.

Following recommended FAA flight test protocols, the flight test team began earlier in the week with a slow taxi test and static engine runs progressing through high-speed taxi and finally the July 10 first flight.

The second flight of JSX-2 checked the function of the retractable landing gear and explored higher speed ranges.

“With the gear retracted, the noise level is reduced significantly and she accelerates quickly to 150 mph,”
Carlton said. “I added at bit of power and she quickly goes through 200. The feeling is glass-smooth.”

He said he further accelerated to max continuous power to measure cruise speeds at 3,000 feet.

Thursday’s third flight explored handling characteristics at moderate speeds and the flight even included a few barrel rolls, company officials noted.

Some video excerpts of the third flight can be found here

Two more flights were conducted on Friday to continue the evaluation and to prepare for demonstration fly-bys at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2014.

The SubSonex design team will be working to collect and analyze flight data in order to finalize published performance numbers for the new jet — the last step remaining before SubSonex Kit Reservation Deposit holders are given an opportunity to place firm orders for 2014 kit production, after which time orders will be opened to the general public for deliveries in 2015. The SubSonex will be sold as a Quick Build Kit only, and will include almost everything required to fly with the exception of avionics and paint, company officials noted.

Available options for the SubSonex Personal Jet include cabin heat, oxygen, MGL iEFIS touch screen avionics, and more.

JSX-2 is a refined version of the SubSonex Personal Jet vs. the original proof-of-concept aircraft, JSX-1. Like JSX-1, the new JSX-2 model is powered by the PBS TJ-100 engine, producing approximately 250 lbs of thrust. The new jet features a larger cockpit, a larger instrument panel, fully retractable landing gear, a BRS full-aircraft recovery parachute, higher fuel capacity in a rotationally molded cross-linked polyethylene fuel cell, removable wings, and a more sculpted nose section.

“It’s really rewarding to see a rough proof-of-concept prototype in JSX-1 turn into a very refined and capable product,” remarks John Monnett, Sonex Aircraft founder, president and designer of the SubSonex Personal Jet.

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