Video: What ‘Augmented Reality Aerial Navigation’ looks like

The tagline is “Augmented Reality Aerial Navigation.” I’m more likely to call, “WOW!” Check out this video to see what I mean…

In a nutshell, Aero Glass is Synthetic Vision displayed on Google Glass. If you will be attending AirVenture next week you can see Aero Glass for yourself in Hangar A, booth #1110.


  1. Suraj says

    I know this place ! This is Nepal !!! The paragliding seems to be done from Sarangkot, Pokhara. This is really lovely ! If this device works accurately even during IMC conditions or very low visibility and provides terrain graphics in front of eyes, it would be such a relief for STOL pilots !!! Must be very expensive !!

  2. Rex Cox says

    I really think this would b a worthwhile adventure,,bein guided around busy towers,obstacles etc,,love it…

  3. thomas raup says

    This is the beginning of the future !!! Electric Personal Air Vehicles with GPS, Autosteer and Synthetic Vision will allow mankind to finally take to the air En Masse !!!!!

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