Carter Personal Air Vehicle showcased at AirVenture

Carter Aviation Technologies is showcasing its newest Personal Air Vehicle (PAV) at the HAI-HELI-CENTER on the AirVenture grounds this coming week.
Twenty years in the making, Carter’s second generation PAV (PAV-II) is a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft.  Carter’s Slowed-Rotor/Compound (SR/C) technology provides 200 mph cruise on 300 hp.

CarterCarter’s PAV-II makes an autorotational landing every time it lands, according to company officials.  With rotor energy five times greater than a similarly sized helicopter, the PAV-II touches down with no power to the rotor.  Consequently, if its single engine ever experiences an engine failure, the pilot simply performs a normal landing, company officials explained.


  1. Paul says

    Carter’s PAV-II will be at the HAI-HELI-CENTER from Monday, July 28, to Thursday, July 3.

    Duh! Proofreading and editing?????

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