AirVenture: Day 0

The iconic brown arch is ready to go.


Menacing skies on Sunday afternoon steered north of Wittman. This SNJ4 in Warbird Parking stayed dry.


A Fairchild XNQ-1, owned by Don and Ann Pellegreno, in Warbird Parking on Sunday.


Old school inspiration. New school construction. It’s not hard to see the Beech Staggerwing influence in this Griffin Lionheart.


Mooney’s Acclaim is ready for Monday.


Red One.


  1. Frederico says:

    Dear Ben
    Can you send me your e-mail?
    Best Regards

  2. Al Beckwith says:

    May the Skies be clear and the Winds Light!

  3. Al Beckwith says:

    Hi Ben and All My Friends

    I’ll miss the Pleasure this Year

    Best Regards.

  4. Al Beckwith says:

    Ben and ALL my Friends:
    Had Gall Batter Surgery .
    I’ll catch it all on the Web
    Best Regards and be Blessed with Clear Skies,


  5. Kent misegades says:

    Nice pictures, Ben. Work keeps me away this year, I miss mainly the workshops and grassroots builders, especially scratch builders. They could eliminate the airshows as far as I’m concerned. Just watching the variety of planes come and go is a nice show.

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