Sporty’s CFIs offer free daily office hours at AirVenture

Sporty’s CFIs will be available daily at this week’s AirVenture for “office hours” at the Sporty’s Tent to answer any question about learning to fly, choosing a flight school and making that first step toward becoming a licensed pilot.

sportystent“There are no dumb questions; we’re ready to give frank, real-world answers to any question about flight training,” says Eric Radtke, president of Sporty’s Academy. “We will have a dedicated corner in Sporty’s Tent and share our knowledge with these future pilots in a relaxed atmosphere. No sales pitches, no kidding.”

“We’re looking forward to fielding any question – from getting started to conquering basic maneuvers and no doubt some questions we’ve never heard before,” adds Radtke. “We will answer all questions with dignity and respect.”

Sporty’s CFIs are open to discuss topics beyond primary instruction – whether it’s adding a rating, preparing for a test, or resolving a difficulty with current training.

“Lapsed student pilots are also welcome,” says Radtke. “Individuals who dropped out of flight training often believe they have to start back at square one, but that’s often not the case. We will help with formulating a plan for their individual situation.”

The Sporty’s Tent is located in Space 260 outside of Exhibit Hangar B.


  1. Joseph says

    This is awesome so don’t get what I’m about say wrong — Does businesses in Aviation realize they only advertise to those that are already into aviation? Sportys should offer these at social conventions (comic-con) and professional conventions (software, medical, etc) but you only see these things at Aviation events — it seems advertising getting into flying at OSH is like preaching to the choir. Maybe history has shown there is no ROI if its not an Aviation event but it just seems short sighted to me.

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