Trig Avionics debuts new ADS-B Out solution

Trig Avionics has debuted the TN70, a WAAS GPS with companion antenna, optimized for use with Trig products for a complete ADS-B Out solution.

“Equipage rates for ADS-B are set to grow,” said Andy Davis, CEO . “Our latest TN70 product provides aircraft owners with a ‘single source’ compliant solution. The TN70 is easy to install and perfectly suited for use with any Trig transponder. The TN70 provides pilots with an exciting and cost effective way to become mandate ready at an affordable price.”

Trig TN70The TN70 requires no panel space. Installed discretely, as a standalone GPS, it allows an aircraft owner to retain and use existing panel equipment, according to company officials.

The TN70 has been made available through a partnership with Accord Technology, but is sold and supported by Trig.

Trig’s STC partner Peregrine of Denver has a growing STC list that can be accessed by Trig customers.

“Trig’s latest TN70 has been subject to thorough testing as part of the STC process, it passed with flying colors,” said Peregrine’s David Rankin. “I’m certain this equipment combination will have a broad appeal. Pilots want to become ADS-B compliant with the minimum amount of hassle and expense, now Trig has made this possible.”

Peregrine will assist certified aircraft owners with the STC process by offering STC information and registering each installation.

“As experimental aircraft owners can carry out their own installation, we expect the TN70 to be popular — particularly for customers who already have a Trig transponder,” Davis said.

The TN70 has a list price of $3,500 and is available to order at AirVenture or via approved Trig dealers.

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