Dynon Avionics unveils new products at Oshkosh

At AirVenture Oshkosh 2014, Dynon Avionics introduced an 8.33 kHz COM radio, video input, and version 11 software for its SkyView glass panel system. Also, Advanced Flight Systems – part of the Dynon family since July 2013 – introduced its new Quick Panel System.

“Just months after the introduction of SkyView Touch, SkyView continues to grow with an 8.33 kHz COM radio, video input capability, and over 60 other new features and improvements,” said Michael Schofield, Marketing Manager for Dynon. “Advanced Flight Systems breaks new ground with their Quick Panel System. Available in both VFR and IFR versions with either Dynon or AFS displays, an AFS Quick Panel allows builders to install a turnkey avionics solution in their aircraft, saving thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of build time.”

8.33 kHz COM Radio

Dynon’s SV-COM-C25 COM radio features dedicated buttons for tuning tower, ground, weather, and ATC frequencies. The SV-COM-X83 brings the same capability to Europe with 8.33 kHz frequency spacing, company officials said.

The 8.33 kHz transceiver module is TSO’d. The SV-COM-X83 comes in horizontal and vertical versions and will be available in August for a list price of $2,195.

Video Input

With SkyView 11 Software, all SkyView Touch and new SkyView screens can display video in both full-screen and split-screen formats when equipped with a Video Input Adapter. Video sources connect via s-video or composite input. Both NTSC and PAL formats are supported for worldwide compatibility. The Video Input Adapter for SkyView will be available in August for $195.

SkyView 11 Software

With more than 60 new features and improvements, the SkyView 11 software is available as a free update for all SkyView customers.

Just a few of the new features in SkyView 11 are:

  • A pilot-selectable wide field of view mode for synthetic vision.
  • Color-coded airport weather icons on the map when equipped with an SV-ADSB-470 module.
  • The ability to synchronize the altimeter setting to the nearest station’s METAR report (requires SV-ADSB-470).
  • Support for third-party 8.33 kHz COM radios. Supported radios include the f.u.n.k.e. ATR833, Garmin GTR 225 and GNC 255, and Trig TY91/92.
  • Decluttering of airspaces outside of a pilot-specified altitude band above and below the aircraft.

SkyView 11 Software will be available as a free download in August.

Quick Panel Systems by Advanced Flight Systems

Advanced Flight Systems introduced its Quick Panel System, a line of complete pre-built avionics panels,  starting with VFR and IFR-equipped panels for the RV-7/9.

Each system includes an instrument panel that is professionally wired, configured, tested and ready to install.  All avionics, including the aircraft’s autopilot servos, trim servos and lights are all cleanly wired to the new Advanced Control Module, company officials noted.

The first Advanced Quick Panels are available for purchase at Oshkosh for only $19,995. Learn more about the Quick Panel System here.


  1. Paul says

    “The first Advanced Quick Panels are available for purchase at Oshkosh for only $19,995.”

    Never has the word “only” been so abused.

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