EAA finalizes deal to assist members with loans

OSHKOSH — The Experimental Aircraft Association has finalized an agreement with National Aircraft Finance Company (NAFCO), a wholly owned subsidiary of Pilot Bancshares, to provide exclusive benefits to EAA members in the market to finance an aircraft, kit, plan-based aircraft materials, engines, engine overhauls and avionics upgrades.

“In our surveys and conversations with EAA members, they told us that they wanted EAA to develop a finance benefit that was more responsive to their needs and for EAA to select an aircraft finance partner that had a service-first attitude,” said Cory Puuri, EAA’s membership development manager. “EAA selected NAFCO as an EAA-approved aircraft finance provider because of their 20-year history financing the types of aircraft EAA members fly and because of their outstanding customer service.”

The EAA Finance Solutions program will be administered by NAFCO and will offer benefits including:

  • Discounts on rates and loan fees;
  • Financing new categories of aircraft not currently financed by lending institutions; and
  • Expanded educational resources to help simplify the aircraft purchase process.

NAFCO finances a wide range of aircraft types in the industry, including: warbirds, custom high-performance aircraft, vintage planes without an age restriction, kits and homebuilts under construction and completed.

In addition, NAFCO and Pilot Bank were recently selected as one of two financial institutions to finance FAA-approved NextGen avionics upgrades through the NextGen GA Fund.

For more information: EAA.org


  1. Paul says

    @Tom Are you speaking from experience specific to an aircraft loan? If so then please elaborate on why you think this is such a bad idea when the article clearly points out that this is what the membership requested. It’s hardly profound that a bank loan obviously benefits the banker insofar as the rate of interest charged for the loan (cost of the loan). Your last sentence is whimsical at best. Otherwise you’ve not presented a defensible argument against the subject arrangement.

    • Tom says

      How’s this for “defensible”:

      Proverbs 22:7 “…and the borrower is servant to the lender”. Or try this one on for size: Deuteronomy 15:6 “”…and thou shalt lend unto many nations, but thou shalt not borrow…” Signed: God

      Are you God’s child or the Devil’s? You choose.

      Want to be the tail instead of the head – go ahead and get out ahead of God and let your banker be your lord.

      As another “Paul” (the Apostle) once said in Philippians 1:7 our “defence and confirmation” is of the Gospel and the prosperity it brings to the believer or you can depend on the world’s methods and go to the banker if you want to.

      And as for your comment “…this is what the membership requested”. O.K. so what? The voters requested Obama too and now we are all stuck with him. Have a nice day.

  2. Tom says

    Bogus. Loans only benefit the bankers. Go ahead and get yourself into debt for AD-“BS”. After all a dollar down and a dollar a week you can get anything you seek.

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