Aircraft Kit Industry Association elects new officers

The Aircraft Kit Industry Association has elected new officers for the coming year. Sonex Aircraft’s Jeremy Monnett (pictured) will serve as president, Van’s Aircraft’s Dick Van Grunsven has become vice president, and Kitfox’s John McBean is the new secretary/treasurer.

The elections occurred during AKIA’s annual meeting at this year’s AirVenture.

Jeremy_Monnett_AirVenture_2014The group also listened to three speakers, starting with Mark Giron of the FAA. He brought up the FAA’s interest in improving transition training by simplifying the LODA process, which allows for training in homebuilt aircraft. This would allow builders an opportunity to purchase instruction in an aircraft that is identical or similar to the one they are ready to complete.

The FAA is also looking at allowing a second pilot to participate in Phase One flight testing of homebuilts to enhance safety. Since most homebuilt aircraft accidents occur within the first 10 hours, as a result of pilot error, the FAA believes a pilot qualified in type could be an invaluable asset in early flight testing.

Charlie Becker, Director of Homebuilt Aircraft Activity at EAA, spoke about the organization’s future plans for accommodating homebuilts at AirVenture.

All of the AKIA members expressed strong support for EAA’s hosting of the One Week Wonder project at this year’s event.

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    Congratulations to Jeremy, Dick, and John. It’s great to see AKIA continuing the challenging task of starting a new organization. LAMA is pleased to support AKIA and that group taking issues surrounding kit aircraft builders within their own grasp.

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