Andy’s Super Oil debuts

Andrew Barkin, a Camarillo, Calif., engineer and inventor who studies tribology — the science of lubrication— embarked on a journey several years ago to formulate a product that would achieve a totally new level of lubriciuosness.

He mixed a high-quality petroleum base with a hand-selected mixture of additives, including PTFE (commonly known by the trademarked- name Teflon), he came up with a new multi-purpose maintenance product called Andy’s Super Oil, a spray lubricant.

AndysSuperOil“The most well-known products weren’t designed to be lubricants at all – they were created as rust preventers,” says Barkin. “If they’re great for removing crayons from carpet, you can be certain that they aren’t going to do a good job quieting a squeaky hinge or lubricating a bicycle chain.”

Andy’s Super Oil works on just about anything that slides, twists, turns, hinges, glides, or spins, whether it is made of metal or plastic, Barkin said.

“It’s the first new formula to come out in over a decade,” he said, “and it beats everything else on the market hands down.”

An 11 ounce can retails for $8.99. It is available nationwide on Amazon.

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