Jeppesen simplifies Mobile FliteDeck IFR subscriptions

At this year’s AirVenture,  Jeppesen introduced a new structure for Mobile FliteDeck data subscriptions, to simplify the flying experience for general aviation pilots.

Pilots using Mobile FliteDeck on iPad now have 10 global coverage options for IFR navigation data services offered at a lower price point, including full U.S. coverage available for a $299 annual subscription.

“General aviation pilots are seeking greater value for their navigation data subscription investment, with simple purchase options to suit their needs,” said Reggie Arsenault, director, Jeppesen General Aviation Client Management. “We recognize that general aviation flying is costly and we are dedicated to providing an increased level of data-driven IFR services, at an affordable price for general aviation pilots. This new IFR pricing structure builds on the model we introduced with the launch of our Mobile FliteDeck VFR offering last year for the general aviation community.”

In 2013, Jeppesen launched Mobile FliteDeck VFR, the VFR iPad solution for private pilots, including full U.S. VFR coverage with a $49 annual data subscription.

Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck for IFR flying provides pilots with data-driven navigation functionality to simplify complex procedures and make decisions based on enhanced situational awareness, according to company officials.

Jeppesen also announced new features and functionality at Oshkosh for Mobile FliteDeck, including SID and STAR procedures on enroute charts, enhanced flight plan integration, and more.

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