Insurer responds to request for afford airstrip liability coverage

For many airstrip owners, the provision of liability insurance coverage has been cost prohibitive.  Recently, the Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF)  took on the project of examining the availability of airstrip liability insurance and found that, as is the case with many aviation-related concerns, there were misunderstandings and unfounded prejudices impacting both the availability and pricing of such policies.

As a result of this work, RAF officials say they have identified a major insurance carrier, with extensive experience in insuring public airports, willing to develop a program offering low cost liability protection for publicly owned and privately owned airstrips both improved and unimproved.

RAF copy150w“We know that the preservation of recreational and backcountry airstrips clearly involves providing liability relief for both public and private land owners,” said RAF officials. “In just five years the RAF recreational use statute initiative (RUS) has resulted in the listing of aviation activities in the RUS statutes of 24 states.”

While these RUS changes provide protection and discourages frivolous lawsuits, there remains the potential for litigation should a claimant find an attorney willing to take the financial risk of pursuing a liability claim, RAF officials noted.

With thousands of small airstrips across the nation currently restricting use due to liability concerns, the RAF believes that reasonably priced airstrip liability insurance will significantly increase the inventory of airstrips available for recreational use.

To find out more about the insurance program, contact The Morse Insurance Agency at 407-620-6000 or

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