DAC gets PMA and STC approval on three products

AUSTIN, Texas — DAC International has received Parts Manufacturer Approval and Supplemental Type Certificate Approval on its Digital to Analog Converter and Airborne Data Link Processor, and Type Certificate approval of its ARINC-to-NMEA 183 converter.

The Digital to Analog Converter, approved to design assurance level A, is the link between a system that provides pitch, roll, heading and other critical signals to existing aircraft equipment including pilot and copilot primary flight displays, the autopilot and other on-board systems.

The Airborne Data Link Processor, approved to design assurance level C, gathers signals in a myriad of formats from existing aircraft systems, then translates it into a single format understood by the transponder, providing all the data necessary for Enhanced Mode-S and ADS-B operation in European airspace.

The third approval is for the ARINC-to-NMEA 183 Converter, which is approved to design assurance level D. This product delivers GPS location information to the aircraft’s Emergency Locator Transmitter. With the combination of this ECD product and the latest ELT technology, operators and passengers will have the assurance that, when needed, the ELT will perform at peak accuracy, according to company officials.

For more information: www.dacint.com

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