Video: Oshkosh Calling

I’m still recovering from AirVenture 2014 but seeing this YouTube video (thank you Slick) makes me ready to go back…

Enjoy 5:54 from a most magical place.


  1. Scott Sedam says:

    Fantastic job on the mix. You really captured it.

  2. Ken wilson says:

    What a fantastic job Ben, the music was perfect. You captured everything but the PPC’s….Even Jeff Skiles came down to fly with us……Maybe next year.

  3. Ben: You show yourself as adept in picking videos (and other things). Good choice. Even after attending nearly 40 Oshkosh / AirVenture events, this video held me to the end — nice job, Slick!

    Ben, you keep searching; I’ll keep watching. :-)

  4. What a great video of so great aviation event….. Thank You..!!

  5. thomas raup says:

    WOW . couldn’t be there, but this video brings tears to my eyes…music is great…who is the singer? Fantastic . great job !

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