Congressional GA Caucus reaches milestone

Congress may be in the middle of its summer recess this month, but the General Aviation Caucus continues to attract new members. Already among the largest caucuses on Capitol Hill, the bipartisan GA Caucus, formed in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate in 2009, has reached a new record level of membership — 248 members in the House and 41 in the Senate.

“This new milestone of approaching 60% of members on the House side alone is proof that congressional representatives value the contributions of general aviation to their districts and their states – from business growth to vital air services and assistance in times of need and disaster,” said Dick Doubrava, Vice President, Government Affairs for the National Business Aviation Association.

Are your elected representatives members? Check out a list of all members here.


  1. KW says

    Membership numbers don’t interest me — I only care about RESULTS.

    Get the FAA under control, or you might as well stay home.

    There are a lot of really great, competent and aviation-enthusiastic people at the FAA, but there are a bunch who consider GA to be a burden, an obstacle between them and their goals. These people are gaining more and more influence as years go by. The persecution of Bob Hoover is one sign that they are willing to pull any stunt that they can think of to further their agenda.

    General aviation not only predates the FAA, it predates the CAA, and in fact predates all regulation by some 25 years. Those early aviators got along fine without government control, and we can do without it again, if necessary. Don’t let all of the good work done by FAA officials be ruined by the drive of some to destroy GA.

  2. Tom says

    How nice. But where’s the “beef”? No third class medical, no ethanol/lead in aviation fuel, and no AD-SB below 12,501 MSL.

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