Video: Bruce Bohannon accepts ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Bruce Bohannon made a name for himself as a race, aerobatic and time-to-climb pilot. Remember ‘Pushy Galore’ or the ‘Exxon Flyin Tiger’? Well, then you remember Bruce. Well, he accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and put his own “spin” on it.

That’s one way to dump water on your head.


  1. Ceci Samaja says:

    Awesome in great spirit of the aviation brotherhood kudos to ya

  2. Please take the IBC and donate to where 32 scientists are researching a treatment for the dreadful disease. My mother died from it and I’ve flown around the world three times raising over $400,000 for research.

  3. Lisa Buckner says:

    Bruce… Wow!!! A crowd of seven people all cheering as we watched your video. Definitely now know what you do in the seat in the plane behind me!!! Love it!!!

  4. Regina Patino Miyajima says:

    Hi. I’m a mother of three sons, a wife and a Red cross volunteer. Been following GAN. My family are excited to watch airshow here in Japan on November. Thank you for sharing GAN to our family.
    Best of luck ☺

  5. This is the captain speaking: There was no ice in that bucket, so he has to do it again… with a passanger… like me… please…

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