Crosswind students qualify for insurance credits

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Crosswind Concepts (CC) students who complete the Maximum Demonstrated Crosswind (MDC) training session now qualify for a 5% premium credit on aviation insurance policies under Avemco’s Safety Rewards Program, according to CC manager Taylor Albrecht.

Crosswind’s MDC training course helps pilots develop “stick and rudder” skills that are particularly necessary during challenging crosswind-landing situations. The course includes a discussion of weather, wind, aerodynamics and decision-making, and then uses the Xwind trainer to simulate realistic flight experiences that develop the visual and coordination skills necessary for proper control of an aircraft, according to company officials.

“Pilots of all skills and abilities have benefitted from our MDC program, from student pilots about to solo to airline captains to aerobatic champions. The Xwind trainer is an incredible tool to hone those skills,” Albrecht noted.

“Avemco’s decision to extend a premium credit to graduates of our program is great recognition by a premier national insurance company that our efforts to enhance pilot skills and proficiency have a tangible benefit to the general aviation community,” Albrecht added.

In his acceptance letter, Michal J. Adams, Avemco’s Vice President Underwriting, wrote, “We developed the Safety Rewards program specifically to encourage pilots to seek out annual recurrent training that is over and above the FAA minimums. We believe that pilots who participate in annual ongoing training are safer and contribute to a healthier general aviation community.”

“We are delighted to add Avemco to our growing list of aviation organizations that value the training we offer. This includes the FAA Safety organization, who recognizes the MDC program for credit under their WINGS safety program,” said Albrecht, who is also an FAA Safety Representative.

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