Fly-in for a World War II immersion in Fredericksburg, Texas

Aerial view of Gillespie Airport. (Photo courtesy Gillespie County)


Whether you fly-in or drive-in to Fredericksburg, this quaint Texas hill-country town is a memorable experience on many fronts.

First and foremost, the town reverently remembers the U.S. role in World War II. From the World War II-themed Hangar Hotel, Airport Diner and the static display of a DC-3 at the county airport where you can fly-in and tie-down for the night, to the Smithsonian-quality National Museum of the Pacific War, there is more than enough facts, remembrances, and history to engage any military, history, or aviation buff for a weekend and more. [Read more…]

Wings over Kenya

(Left to right) Duncan, Justin, and Tucker


I entered this world with an adventurous spirit, but my true passion for flying didn’t fully emerge until 17 years later, when I was a high school student and my friend Jared Guillory gifted me with Microsoft’s Flight Simulator.

I invested hours exploring the physics of flight, deciphering the multitude of cockpit instruments, and practicing thousands of simulated takeoffs and landings at airports all around the world, including dirt landing strips in remote African villages.

Shortly after that, I started real flying lessons in a five-decades-old Cessna 152. Early in the morning on July 4, 2001, the day America observes its independence, I earned my pilot’s license. The memory of that flight test and subsequent accomplishment remains forever etched in my mind. [Read more…]