Picture of the day: Amazing sunset views


Brian S sent in this sunset photo, explaining: “My girlfriend and I were treated to this view as we taxied out in a C172 at KOLM (Olympia, Wash.) on April 7 for our flight home after dinner with family. We had amazing sunset views of the state capitol building, Mt. Rainier and the waters of Puget Sound on the short trip back to Renton. Hard to beat the PNW on nights like this!” [Read more…]

NC sponsors free wildlife hazard training sessions

Wildlife can wreak havoc for airports and their staff. Birds and other animals can damage planes on the ground or cause accidents by flying into the engines or roaming on airport grounds. To increase awareness of these concerns and to improve safety for all, the North Carolina Department of Transportation’s Division of Aviation will offer free training sessions for airport personnel. [Read more…]