Sporty’s Foundation releases annual report


The Sporty’s Foundation has issued its Annual Report, detailing its activities and bequests during 2012.

“Since its inception, The Sporty’s Foundation has provided more than $800,000 in support to assist organizations and programs with a positive force on the health of the general aviation industry,” says Sporty’s Founder and Chairman Hal Shevers. [Read more…]

Innovations: Can you hear me now?

HAI PTT drop cord 2

Oregon’s Hillsboro Aviation operates a number of turbine helicopters for various missions, primarily firefighting during the fire season, and search and rescue missions. Passengers are typically the company’s crew and employees of the contracting agency, noted Tom Dalquist.

“The need to communicate with a number of various operators is required from a number of different positions in the helicopter,” he said, adding that “most of the communication need is typically satisfied with the use of NAT/AEM audio/intercom/communication equipment. The need for a drop cord assembly, providing intercom and FM radio transmit that would hold up to the constant movement, dropping, stepping on, etc. during operations, was apparent.”

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Do you love backcountry flying?

Our Feb. 22 print issue will feature a special focus on Backcountry Flying and while we have a lot of great stories lined up (with a lot of help from the Recreational Aviation Foundation), we wanted to tap into the experiences and knowledge of our readers. We’re looking for your stories — Why do you enjoy backcountry flying? What are some of your favorite places to fly? What do you bring on every backcountry trip? How do you make flights more enjoyable and, of course, safer? Can you share any tips you’ve picked up along the way for new pilots who are ready to venture off the beaten path?

We’d also love to showcase photos from your many backcountry adventures. You can send photos and comments to or, if you prefer, add your comments below.