Carter Aviation holds first public flight demonstration


WICHITA FALLS, Texas — For the first time, officials with Carter Aviation Technologies recently left their flight test center at Olney Airport and flew cross country to a welcoming crowd of hundreds at Kickapoo Airport in Wichita Falls, Texas.

“This is the first time we have left Olney and the first time we’ve conducted a public flight demonstration of this nature,” explained Jay Carter. “After we broke the Mu-1 barrier for a second and third time with our second generation Slowed Rotor/Compound [SR/C] prototype, we wanted to get the aircraft in front of the folks of Wichita Falls who have been so supportive over the years.”

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The toy RV

RV9 bear butte

Military aircraft, flags, fierce mythical creatures, comely young women — these are often the inspiration for aircraft paint schemes. You can get exceedingly elaborate with a design that stands out and attracts crowds, or go the other direction and keep it simple with a white base coat and a stripe.

The Bruch family from Sturgis, S.D., decided to go between the two ends of the spectrum when they designed a paint scheme for their RV-9 drawing inspiration from a child’s toy.

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Backcountry beauty


There are airplanes that are built for show, airplanes built for backcountry camping, and airplanes built for IFR cross-country flying. One of the best things about building your own airplane is that you can create a machine that fits all these categories. Gordon Anderson, from Silverthorn, Colo., has achieved this with his 2012 Sportsman 2+2. The red and gold high-wing was one of the more talked about airplanes at this year’s AirVenture in Oshkosh.

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