Flying in to a fly-in

The view flying into Oshkosh. Photo by Jan Johnson.

Some people say you’re a real pilot the day you solo. Some insist you have to have that airman’s certificate in your pocket. But those who have flown into Oshkosh, Wisconsin, during the famous AirVenture Fly-In say there’s no more triumphant sense of arrival as a pilot than landing three-to-a-runway at OSH on opening day. [Read more…]

B-29 rollout celebrated


WICHITA, Kansas — Exactly 70 years after it was delivered to the U.S. Army Air Forces in Wichita, Kansas, the B-29 “Doc” was delivered again.

On March 23, 1945, the B-29, one of 1,644 manufactured in Wichita during World War II, rolled off the assembly line at Boeing and was delivered to the Army Air Forces. On March 23 this year, that same aircraft was rolled out again, in commemoration of its restoration and progress back toward flying condition.

More than 200 supporters — known as Doc’s Friends — came to watch it roll out again in the city of its birth.

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