GA contributes $219 billion and 1.1 million jobs to U.S. economy

GAMA report

WASHINGTON, D.C. — As the general aviation industry girds itself for the upcoming reauthorization of the FAA, eight alphabet groups joined forces to commission a study to show exactly what GA contributes to the U.S. economy.

Using data from 2013, the study, released Feb. 11, shows that GA supports 1.1 million jobs in the U.S., while contributing $219 billion in total economic output. [Read more…]

Russian company patents GA ejection seat

Russian company PP Zvezda has patented a lightweight ejection seat for general aviation aircraft. According to a report from FlightGlobal, the device is activated by high pressure air from a cylinder directed into a metal telescopic ram integrated with the seat. The system releases to eject the cockpit canopy, then pushes the seat upward, the ram extending out into the slipstream, until the seat and its occupant is clear of the plane. Then a parachute automatically deploys.


Bringing more people out to the airport

A group of pilots are raising money to build a public observation area at Jack Barstow Municipal Airport (KIKW) in Midland, Mich., in hopes that the Midland Community Aviation Discovery Area will help more people feel welcome at the general aviation airport. According to a report from the Midland Daily News, the park-like setting would include an airplane body, tables, a shaded area and display boards that focus on aviation themes, the physics of flight, the airport’s layout, aviation communication, airport history and aviation facts. A website is expected to be created to supplement the information.