Donation moves Wright B Flyer closer to new airplane


MIAMISBURG, Ohio — When Wright “B” Flyer Inc. takes its one-of-a-kind airplane to AirVenture 2015 in July, it will take more than filing a flight plan.

The Wright “B” Flyer, a modern lookalike of the Wright brothers’ first production airplane, has short legs and is tiring to fly. Instead, the nonprofit organization’s volunteers will disassemble the 3,400-pound biplane, carefully load it into a custom trailer and have it hauled overland to Oshkosh, where the same scenario will play out in reverse to put it together and fly it.

Transporting the next-generation Wright “B” Flyer will be a much simpler affair. The organization is designing another one-of-kind flyer, this one designed for easy disassembly and scaled to fit in a standard shipping container that will allow the nonprofit to show and display the airplane worldwide. [Read more…]

Picture of the day: Trislander

Michael Magnell

Michael Magnell, who makes a living ferrying airplanes around the world, recently sent in this photo of a Trislander, noting that there are “not many of these around.” In fact, it’s the first one he’s ever seen.

Michael Magnell

“I saw it at MDPC, Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic a few days ago. The twin-engine Islander is very popular in the Caribbean. You see them on all the islands. This is the first Trislander I have ever seen — period. Not many were made! I have flown the twin Islander. It is a fantastic STOL airplane. I would love to get a chance to fly the Trislander.”

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FAA streamlines RPA approvals

Ghost Drone flies

The FAA reports it has established an interim policy to speed up airspace authorizations for some commercial remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) operators. The new policy helps bridge the gap between the past process, which evaluated every RPA operation individually, and future operations after the agency publishes a final version of the proposed small RPA rule, FAA officials explained. [Read more…]