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Power Flow Systems partners with type clubs

General 308

Power Flow Systems, which has installed its patented tuned exhaust systems on an estimated 4,500 general aviation aircraft worldwide, is now working with type clubs and owners groups to develop tuned exhaust systems for additional aircraft.

According to company officials, it typically costs about $100,000 to develop and certify a new tuned exhaust system for a particular aircraft. [Read more…]

Zenith Aircraft hosts EAA Chapter 429 project


A while back Christopher Ward attended a Zenith Aircraft workshop, where he built a rudder. He then purchased a CH 750 Cruzer kit. He also talked the factory into hosting a workshop that would focus on building the horizontal stabilizer and elevator sections of his kit.

In a salute to the One Week Wonder (where a complete Zenith Kit was assembled in just seven days at AirVenture 2014) he brought some members of EAA Chapter 429 in Jefferson City, Mo., to help with the construction.

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Winners of the 2015 Salute to Excellence Awards revealed

The Helicopter Association International (HAI) has revealed the winners of its Salute to Excellence Awards in nine categories. They include, among others, two helicopter search-and-rescue (SAR) teams, a firefighting pilot who refused to give up on a crew on the ground, and a flight instructor with perhaps more time in one of the world’s most popular training helicopters than anyone else in the world.

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