Competition is a beautiful thing. It keeps pricing honest. It makes everything more interesting. It gives pilots choices: Certified vs. experimental; piston vs. turbine; composite vs. metal; Garmin vs. everyone.

That occurred to me while planning a major panel upgrade for my 1967 Mooney Executive at Pacific Coast Avionics in Oregon this fall. Working in medical technology, I have a strong bias for research that includes technical data and feedback from end users. [Read more…]

Drone restrictions supported by majority of Americans


While GA pilots have varied opinions about remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) — also known as drones or Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) — a new survey by finds that an overwhelming majority of Americans say they support restrictions on the use of drones as they become more commonplace.

The survey says 78 percent of Americans support at least some restrictions on the use of drones by businesses. [Read more…]