For the love of pilots

Marilyn Theetge

In my experience, airports fall into two categories. There are those that are all business, a sterile environment where pilots and passengers pass through for a time, leaving none of themselves or their experiences behind. These are efficient patches of asphalt that are necessary in modern times, and it is not the function or responsibility of these facilities to inspire.

Then there are the other places, those half-forgotten patches of grass or concrete where a middle-aged housewife with gray hair or a gangly teenaged boy whose arms have not quite come to terms with his legs are encouraged to follow a desire to become one with the sky.

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Aviation fuels webinar slated

The Transportation Research Board will conduct a webinar June 5 that will feature research conducted by TRB’s Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) related to aviation fuel options and cost. There is no fee to register for the webinar, but participants must register in advance.

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California Airport Land Use Commission at risk


The following post is written by California Pilots Association President Ed Rosiak. Suffice it to say, airports are vital, and must be protected. – Ben Sclair, Publisher

The Airport Land Use Commission (ALUC) was first introduced in California in the 70’s, after the tragic crash of a surplus Military Jet into a Ferrell’s Ice Cream Store, located across the street, and at the end of a runway at Sacramento Exec Airport.

Since then the California Division of Aeronautics has done an incredible job creating rules and guidelines in the form of the California Airport Land Use Planning Handbook to assist in the determination of compatible land development around California airports. Unfortunately, since these are guidelines and are not law, they are often ignored by the airport sponsor, which is either the city or county the airport is located in.

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Pilots band together on hangar leases at SLE


A new job always comes with a learning curve. You need to learn procedures and ways of doing business, as well as determining the needs of your clients. The clients, meanwhile, hopefully will be patient with you. Without proper communication, things can get muddled and tensions rise. This is particularly true of airport management.

At Salem Municipal Airport-McNary Field (SLE) in Salem, Ore., airport officials and hangar tenants are in the first stages of learning to work together, after what one tenant described as years of confusion and poor communication.

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Connecting flights

The end of the year is a time of reflection. As 2011 winds down, my family and I experienced an unreal 19-day stretch that put a great deal into perspective about life and aviation.

Here’s a peek into a public journal:

Nov. 10: My wife, Deb, and I were in the Indianapolis International Airport when we received the news that her Dad’s cancer had spread too far to continue the battle and doctors recommended hospice.

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