Triple Tree Fly-In features Southern hospitality


This is not your port-a-potty and picnic table kind of fly-in. No, siree. The 8th Annual Triple Tree Fly-In near Greenville, South Carolina, will be held Sept. 3-7, featuring the finest in Southern hospitality.

A veteran of six Triple Tree Fly-Ins, I enthusiastically recommend it. In rain and shine, Triple Tree Fly-In offers good clean family fun.

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DeltaHawk unveils diesel engine for certified aircraft

If avgas, also known as 100LL, disappeared tomorrow, what would you use to power your airplane?

The folks at DeltaHawk Engines have an answer to that: A diesel engine designed for aviation.

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Flying Cup Challenge winners compete at Oshkosh

Performing in an airshow is on many a pilot’s bucket list. Twelve young men from all over the world had that special opportunity at AirVenture this year through the Flying Cup Challenge.

The young men competed against one another in a Redbird FMX, a full-motion flight simulator placed on the main stage in the center of the biggest aviation gathering in the world.

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Second quarter avionics report released

The Aircraft Electronics Association’s recently released second-quarter 2014 Avionics Market Report shows that in the three-month period of April, May and June 2014, total worldwide business and general aviation avionics sales amounted to more than $652 million.

That represented a 2.7% increase in sales compared to the second-quarter 2013 amount of more than $635 million as reported a year ago by the participating companies.

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Pipistrel’s new electric trainer makes first flight

WATTsUP, Pipistrel’s new two-seat electric trainer took its maiden flight Aug. 22.

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Wisian to be airshow marshal at Heart of Texas Airshow

WACO, Texas — The Heart Of Texas Airshow will take to the skies Saturday, Sept. 27, at Texas State Technical College airport.

Serving as air show marshal will be Major General Kenneth Wisian, the Deputy Adjutant General-Air for Texas and Commander of the Texas Air National Guard.

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CATS Testing Center opens at GMU

A new CATS Testing Center has opened at Greenville Downtown Airport (GMU) in Greenville, S.C.

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Fuel starvation brings down Lancair

Aircraft: Lancair IV. Injuries: 1 Fatal. Location: Winnsboro, La. Aircraft damage: Destroyed.

What reportedly happened: The purpose of the flight was to calibrate the fuel system on the homebuilt aircraft. Several witnesses on the ground heard an increase in engine rpm consistent with the pilot adding power to perform a go-around, then heard the engine lose power. The nose pitched up, then dropped. The airplane crashed beyond the departure end of the runway. [Read more...]

Calling all innovators!

The September issues of General Aviation News will spotlight innovators. You know an innovation when you see one. The kind of product or service that makes you think, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Do you know of a product or service that has made a difference in your flying or learning or owning or… you get the idea. Tell us so we can share it with your fellow aviators.

Send your comments and photos to General Aviation News Editor Janice Wood. You can also add your comments below. Thanks!

Exit ramps, profit, and Yourtown USA

It is well known in most circles that airlines travel on highways in the sky. Admittedly, most folks don’t know those highways are called airways, but the name is logical, whether the general public knows it or not.

However, few have made the obvious connection between the highway in the sky concept, and the airport in their town. Perhaps this is because aircraft, unlike automobiles, can choose to use the highway or go off-road (VFR) at will. And unlike automobile users, there are massive numbers of pilots flying off-road (VFR) every day, from coast to coast.

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