Zero to solo in one week

Three people with no aviation experience will be put through six days of intensive training, preparing them to be ready to conduct a supervised solo flight at the end of one week. That’s the goal of “One Week Ready to Solo.” The program, launched at SUN ‘n FUN, is a collaborative effort of Redbird Flight Simulations, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), Jeppesen, Sporty’s, Garmin, LightSpeed, and SUN ‘N FUN.

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Picture of the Day: At Herman the German’s

Herman the German

“The picture was taken by my brother in the spring of 1961. We flew out of Fairbanks to a place called Herman the German’s at Beaver Creek,” says Ken Kellogg. “Herman was a trapper on Beaver Creek and my brother flew supplies to him throughout the year. Herman had a shortwave radio and he would call Fairbanks when he needed supplies. My brother flew for a small bush operator out of Fairbanks called Frontier Flying Service.” [Read more…]

Flight to freedom

Lorenzo (center) and MiG 21 in Cuba.


It was March 20, 1991, as the Russian-built MiG 23 slowly taxied toward the runway at Cuba’s Santa Clara air base. Due for a flight test after an avionics installation, Major Orestes Lorenzo was at the controls.

He had never flown the MiG 23 before, but after hundreds of hours in the MiG 21 he was confident there should be no problem. It would be the last time Lorenzo flew a MiG 23 — any MiG for that matter. [Read more…]