GA joins unprecedented search efforts for Florida teens

SkyWords Ocean Search

Everybody in the country, it seems, heard the terrible news: Two 14-year-old boys, Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen, had gone out fishing near their south Florida home July 24. They were last seen when they bought more than 100 gallons of fuel at 1:30 in the afternoon and headed out of the Jupiter Inlet. They’d been expected to stay inshore, but apparently changed their minds. Their parents got worried when they hadn’t returned home by 5 p.m.

The Coast Guard’s search and rescue function swung into high gear, and searched until dark. By 11 the following morning, they’d located the overturned 19-foot fishing boat some 67 miles offshore of Daytona Beach, but there was no sign of the boys. [Read more…]

10 ways to celebrate National Aviation Day

NASA research pilot Greg Slover “spreads his wings” at NASA’s Langley Research Center. On Wednesday, August 19th, tag your posts with #SpreadYourWings or #NationalAviationDay. ( image)

As we all know, aviation is something worth celebrating.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt thought so too. In 1939 he issued the first presidential proclamation designating Aug. 19 as National Aviation Day.

Why that date? That’s the birthday of Orville Wright, one half of the legendary Wright Brothers who invented the airplane and flew the first heavier-than-air flying machine into the skies over Kitty Hawk, N.C., in 1903. [Read more…]

iFly Version 9 introduced


Adventure Pilot has released its Version 9 software update to the iFly GPS app for Apple, Android and the company’s dedicated devices.

This update delivers Seamless HD Charts, Customizable Map Layers, redesigned “NRST” function, a “Smart Search” keyboard that finds airports while you type, and the ability to hide specified SUAs. A 30-day free trial of iFly GPS is available for download on the App and Play Store. [Read more…]

Picture of the day: Flying with enthusiasm


Star Novak, who has contributed many great photographs to General Aviation News, was going through her hundreds of photos from this year’s AirVenture in Oshkosh when this photo stood out to her immediately.

“I was on the front line when the multitudes of parachutists started to land, and I turned my camera just in time to catch their celebratory pass down the flight line. What an impact these parachutists made on these kids! That young boy is nearly flying with enthusiasm!” [Read more…]