Half empty or half full? Part 2

DSC_0472.JPG Bristall Taildragger

Saturday at the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo in Sebing, Florida, dawned sunny and warmer. The show itself seemed sunnier with a weekend crowd. I can’t understand why organizers scheduled so many weekdays and omitted the Sunday of a three-day holiday weekend. The trade show element (industry meetings, et. al.) can surely be done on Thursday and Friday, leaving Saturday and Sunday for good weekend crowds. [Read more…]

Videos: Sonex reports several milestones for SubSonex jet


OSHKOSH, Wis. — Sonex Aircraft reports several milestones in the SubSonex Personal Jet program during the month of February: The first SubSonex kit shipped from the Sonex factory; four new SubSonex model JSX-2 pilots were minted in Moriarty, N.M.; and Bob Carlton received his Low-Level Statement of Aerobatic Competency (SAC) card for the SubSonex in-preparation for the 2015 airshow season. [Read more…]