GAO study lauds data-driven approach to improving GA safety

A comprehensive, independent examination of general aviation accident rates and FAA safety programs has validated the industry’s efforts to reduce risk in business aircraft operations, as well as the effectiveness of data-driven programs to identify specific areas for further safety improvement. According to a post at, the study explored the effectiveness of various FAA safety initiatives, pointing to the FAA’s General Aviation Joint Steering Committee (GAJSC) as one of the agency’s more promising efforts. Modeled on a similar program for the airline industry, the GAJSC studies accident and incident data from specific GA segments, and develops strategies to mitigate risks based on its findings. Read the whole post here.

New company brings inflatable safety to aviation

Two global safety restraint industry leaders — Aircraft Belts, Incorporated (ABI) and Key Safety Systems (KSS) — have joined forces to create Aviation Occupant Safety (AOS), a joint venture to bring automotive airbag safety to general aviation.

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Safety Management Without the Mumbo Jumbo

Just published is “Safety Management Without the Mumbo Jumbo,” a book about how to manage safety.

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Latest FAA Safety Briefing online

The May/June 2012 issue of FAA Safety Briefing is now available online. The issue focuses on extreme weather. Articles provide tips on how to detect, prepare for, and avoid some of the more extreme varieties of weather conditions you may encounter in your region of the country. The issue also highlights several weather-related tools and resources for improving general aviation safety.


MU-2 pilot proficiency program set

The every-other-year Mitsubishi MU-2 Pilot’s Review of Proficiency (PROP) program will be in Reno and Columbus, Ohio, this year.

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Flight Safety Foundation launches student chapter

The Flight Safety Foundation has launched the inaugural FSF Student Chapter at Purdue University.

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FAA Safety Briefing now online

The March/April issue of FAA Safety Briefing is now available online. This issue focuses on the themes of the 3rd Annual FAA Safety Standdown: Loss of control accidents, aeronautical decision-making, and advanced preflight.

2012 FAASTeam Safety Standdown to debut at Sun ’n Fun

The General Aviation Joint Steering Committee identified loss of control-inflight as the number one cause of fatal general aviation accidents over the last decade. Consequently, this year’s FAASTeam Safety Standdown offers a multi-layered approach to help pilots reduce the risk of an inflight loss of control.

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How well do you know aircraft engines?

Do you know everything you need to know about your general aviation aircraft engine? Test yourself with this week’s Air Safety Institute safety quiz.

Aerobatic pilots develop safety solution to reduce risk of fire

Aerobatic pilots Buck Roetman of Wild Horse Aviation, and Mike Stewart, Flight Lead for Team RV, have unveiled a new safety solution for professional air show pilots to reduce the risk of a post-impact fire: An inertia activated shut-off switch installed in the ground wire to fuel and smoke oil pumps.

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