Aspen Avionics now on Piper Seneca


Piper Aircraft has selected Aspen Avionics Evolution Backup Display system for its Seneca V-series aircraft. The Evolution Backup Display is a fully digital, independent flight display system designed to replace mechanical backup instruments used in Part 23 glass panel installations. Its functionality on the Piper Seneca includes: attitude, altitude and airspeed tapes, rate of turn, slip/skid, VSI, and heading.

NextGen: Where do we go from here?

Over this past year this series has covered just about all aspects of the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) and what it will do for General Aviation.

In addition, we went even further, delivering an historical perspective of the entire National Airspace System. We believed it was necessary to remind each aviator that our way of life will always be in a state of change.

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Dick Rutan to speak at AEA


Dick Rutan, a pilot, entrepreneur and adventurer who made history in December 1986 after completing a nine-day, nonstop and nonrefueled flight around the world that established a flight-endurance record, will be the keynote speaker during the official opening at the 56th annual Aircraft Electronics Association International Convention & Trade Show, which will take place March 26 at the MGM Grand Hotel & Convention Center in Las Vegas.

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Bad landing for distracted pilot

Aircraft: Piper Navajo. Injuries: None. Location: North Bend, Ore. Aircraft damage: Substantial.

What reportedly happened: The pilot had been flying on an IFR clearance in IFR conditions. As he approached his home airport and the weather improved to VFR, he canceled his IFR clearance [Read more…]