CubCrafters updates Carbon Cub SS and Sport Cub

YAKIMA, Wash. — CubCrafters has unveiled a range of updates for the Carbon Cub SS (pictured) and Sport Cub S2 LSA aircraft for the 2014 model year.

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Bearhawk ships LSA kits, adds second door to Patrol

Bearhawk Aircraft started delivering kits of the Bearhawk LSA (pictured below) in June.

“We offer the Bearhawk LSA as a quick build, a plans-built, and everything in between,” said Mark Goldberg, Bearhawk Aircraft’s owner.

Announced last August, the prototype of the Bob Barrows-designed two seater will be on display at AirVenture.

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N6ZQ follows in N5ZQ footsteps

I met Bill Harrelson at the 2009 Copperstate Fly-In. Bill, an efficiency expert, sent me an email detailing the nearly non-stop flight home (Arizona to Virginia) in N5ZQ, a Lancair 320. That was more than three years and one N-number ago. In Thursday afternoon’s EAA e-Hotline I see that Bill is back at it. He flew from Guam to Florida (7,051 nm) non-stop (38 hours, 29 minutes) in N6ZQ, Lancair IV. Congratulations Bill.

NTSB: First flight of experimentals prone to accidents

WASHINGTON, DC – A National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) study found that in 2011, of the 102 crashes of experimental amateur-built aircraft built by their owners, 10 crashed on their first flights. The report also found that 14 of 125 aircraft that had been bought used and involved in accidents crashed on the new owner’s first flight.

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Onex receives FAA nod

Sonex Aircraft reports that the FAA National Kit Evaluation Team (NKET) has approved and published amateur building checklists for the new Onex Single-Place, Folding-Wing Sport Pilot Aircraft.

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