Want to be a fighter pilot?


AURORA, Ill. — For millions of people, being a fighter pilot is the ultimate dream job. And now, with the help of sophisticated electronics, it’s possible for almost anyone to experience that fantasy.

Squadron Ops Sim Center, a new company located near Chicago, is using systems based on actual military training principles to offer a taste of what it’s like to fly fighter aircraft in combat.

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Sporty’s and Frasca partner to improve flight training


Sporty’s and Frasca International, Inc. have partnered to develop and market an integrated training program and other products that use Sporty’s training expertise and Frasca’s simulation expertise. The partnership will work to create training materials, course content, and programs for flight students to use with Frasca simulators, according to company officials.

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Just Flight joins aviation aristocracy


Flight simulation specialist Just Flight has released its the latest GA aircraft from its in-house development team: The Beechcraft Duchess 76, a twin-engine training and touring aircraft that is popular around the world. This model – for Flight Simulator X and FS2004 – comes with five variants, each featuring an authentic avionics suite and accurate livery.

duchessThe FSX version uses the new FSX sound system in which the sounds change as you move around the outside of the aircraft, and this version also takes advantage of FSX’s graphics capabilities to give the textures an ultra-real look, according to company officials. Multiple additional views take full advantage of the new FSX view system.

Software requirements: Flight Simulator X or 2004 or 2002, Windows Vista or XP.

The Duchess is available to download exclusively from www.justflight.com for $21.99.

Just Flight releases Air Hauler for Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Just Flight has released Air Hauler is in traditional boxed format. Following the earlier release, the boxed (CD-ROM) version of Air Hauler is available to buy now, priced at $34.95.

This boxed version includes a full printed manual of almost 100 pages, which should help with successful flying and the development of an all-conquering air freight empire, according to company officials.

Air Hauler puts you in complete control of your own freight company, and you’ll be taking charge of operations both in the boardroom and in the cockpit.

Software Requirements: Microsoft Flight Simulator X or 2004 and Windows Vista or XP.

For more information: FlyAwaySimulation.com