iFlightPlanner integrates real estate with flight planning


iFlightPlanner has incorporated Hangar Network’s real estate data into its flight planning tools.

Now hangars and airport properties that are for sale, lease or available as transient space are viewable as an interactive layer in all of iFlightPlanner’s web-based mapping interfaces.

An industry first, these new tools allow pilots to see all the space available at airports along their route of flight, according to iFlightPlanner officials. [Read more…]

Failure to remove rudder gust lock kills two

The pilot/owner purchased the Aeronca 7AC about a month before the accident and was flying near Taunton, Mass., with a pilot-rated passenger who owned a similar model airplane. A witness reported that the airplane accelerated and climbed normally to an altitude of about 50 to 100 feet above the ground. It then entered a slow right turn and began to descend until it hit the ground and immediately became engulfed in fire. Both the pilot and passenger were killed. [Read more…]

Development continues on Burt Rutan’s SkiGull

Rutan During initial water testing

Burt Rutan always draws a crowd at his AirVenture forums, especially when introducing a new aircraft design.

And since his current project, the SkiGull amphibian, may be the “retired” 72-year-old designer’s last homebuilt, the standing-room-only crowd at this year’s Oshkosh was all ears as he broke his long-standing rule of keeping a new design under wraps until it has flown. [Read more…]