Gusty winds get better of Mooney pilot

According to an FBO employee who was a witness to the accident in Angel Fire, N.M, the weather at the time of the accident included strong, gusting winds from the west. The employee asked the pilot of the Mooney M20E about his intention to fly. He noted the pilot seemed “confident” about his ability to fly and that he was not concerned about the wind. [Read more…]

Flying in to a fly-in

The view flying into Oshkosh. Photo by Jan Johnson.

Some people say you’re a real pilot the day you solo. Some insist you have to have that airman’s certificate in your pocket. But those who have flown into Oshkosh, Wisconsin, during the famous AirVenture Fly-In say there’s no more triumphant sense of arrival as a pilot than landing three-to-a-runway at OSH on opening day. [Read more…]