Development continues on Burt Rutan’s SkiGull

Rutan During initial water testing

Burt Rutan always draws a crowd at his AirVenture forums, especially when introducing a new aircraft design.

And since his current project, the SkiGull amphibian, may be the “retired” 72-year-old designer’s last homebuilt, the standing-room-only crowd at this year’s Oshkosh was all ears as he broke his long-standing rule of keeping a new design under wraps until it has flown. [Read more…]

There’s an opening in the public sector

On Tuesday, Nov. 3, only a couple months from now, local elections will be held across the continent. These races will result in new faces and old faces being sworn in to sit on city commissions, county commissions, state boards, and to fill a slew of mayoral seats.

These are the people who will be tasked with setting your property tax rates, as well as the cost of water and sewer services. They’ll determine whether garbage gets picked up once a week, or more often. These are the folks who will plan for snow removal this winter, and struggle with the budget if it falls short this year in an attempt to make sure the shortage doesn’t persist next year.

These office seekers are also the people who will decide if your local airport stays open or closes. It will be their call as to whether they’ll modernize the facilities or not. Virtually everything of importance that happens at your local airport will fall under the purview of these public officials. [Read more…]