Avionics sales top $587 million in first quarter


The Aircraft Electronics Association’s first-quarter 2015 Avionics Market Report shows that business and general aviation avionics sales topped $587 million in the first three quarters of the year.

That’s a 9.9% drop in sales compared to the first-quarter of 2014, when sales were more than $651 million. This year’s first-quarter sales are more in line with the first-quarter sales of 2013, which totaled more than $586 million, AEA officials noted. [Read more…]

Why the P-51 is still the most beloved airplane at the air show

Red Nose.(Photo by John Willhoff)

Globalair.com blogger Sarina Houston’s latest post is about the venerable P-51, which she claims is the most beloved airplane at any air show. “Whether you know the history of the airplane or not, the Mustang is an airplane that stops you in your tracks. Its beauty captivates you, lures you in, and makes you want to hear its story. And it’s a story worth repeating, air show after air show,” she says. Read it here, then let us know: Do you agree? What’s your favorite airplane at an air show?

NTSB slates safety seminar on accidents during flight training

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Did you know that an aspiring pilot is less likely to have an accident while training than after earning a pilot certificate? Nevertheless, officials with the National Transportation Safety Board say they’ve developed an understanding of when and how training accidents are likely to occur, both through its own investigations and through industry and government research identifying risks involved in both solo and dual instructional flights.

That’s why officials are presenting a seminar highlighting the lessons learned from NTSB’s accident investigations involving instructional accidents. The goal of the July 11 seminar is to give the GA community the tools to decrease the rate of training-related accidents, NTSB officials said. [Read more…]