Kickstarter campaign launches to honor Top Gun Aces

Wings of Valor

America’s “Top Gun” Fighter Aces are the newest endangered species.

These fighter pilots, who earned Ace status by destroying at least five enemy aircraft during aerial combat missions in both World Wars, Korea and Vietnam, are a vanishing breed and most likely an endangered species.

“If there’s an elite among fighter pilots, it’s these men. It’s probably unlikely, based on the lack of today’s air-to-air combat, that there will be another designated Ace,” said retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Charles “Chick” Cleveland, president of the American Fighter Aces Association. “They helped shorten the wars and saved lives.” [Read more…]

Lake owners reunite for fun in the sun at Lakeathon

On ramp1

The 27th Annual Lake Aircraft Safety Seminar and Fly-in, held in late February, attracted owners and enthusiasts from throughout the U.S. and several foreign countries. Sponsored by the Lake Amphibian Flyers Club, the event was located, appropriately enough, in Lakeland, Florida.

Since Lake production ended about 10 years ago and most of the fleet is now 30 or more years old, flying and maintaining an aging and out-of-production airplane tends to draw owners together. And with winter blizzards raging up north, the event attracted 145 people and about 45 planes to the sunny south. [Read more…]

NTSB issues four safety alerts for GA

The NTSB recently issued four safety alerts for general aviation pilots and mechanics: Mastering Mountain Flying, Understanding Flight Experience (A rating alone cannot ensure safety: Training is key); Pilots: Perform Advanced Preflight After Maintenance; and Mechanics: Prevent Misrigging Mistakes.

Each of the alerts, in PDF, includes an outline of the problem, summarizes related incidents and accidents, then lays out what the mechanic or pilot can do to avoid the problem.