Women with disabilities invited to learn To fly

Women with physical disabilities are encouraged to apply for full-ride flight training scholarships from Able Flight.

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Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course updated

Sporty’s online Learn to Fly Course and app has been updated.

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Recommendations to improve pilot training and testing released

A joint industry-FAA working group has issued recommendations that will offer clearer written and practical test standards for student pilots and those pursuing advanced certificates.

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The Cheapskate’s Guide to Getting Your Pilot’s License

Do you know someone who doesn’t pursue their dream of learning to fly because it costs too much? “The Cheapskate’s Guide to Getting Your Pilot’s License” might be just the ticket for them to get their ticket.

Author Mike Arman, a pilot since 1978 and FAA Advanced Ground School Instructor, guides readers to a license at “half of the retail rate.”

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ASA offers free download of Endorsement Labels

Now available as a free download from ASA are Endorsement Labels in PDF format.

The labels provide a simple and fast way for instructors to issue required FAA endorsements to their students, according to ASA officials.

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Five accredited as Master Instructors

Five CFIs have received or renewed accreditation as Master Instructors from Master Instructors LLC and its Board of Review.

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Observations and invitations

Attached to the main administration building at the Santa Monica Airport in Southern California is an observation deck. It’s a wide concrete structure with a curved metal railing that allows excellent views of the area, reaching from the Hollywood sign in the northeast all the way around to the Pacific Ocean on the southwest. A bleacher style seating structure provides a reasonably comfortable place to sit and watch the action on the airport.

That’s where I met Adam and Zoe. Adam is a software designer who grew up in Santa Monica. He’s been stopping at the airport for much of his life to watch airplanes fly, daydream about becoming a pilot, and generally enjoy a sunny afternoon.

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Continuing a family tradition

More than 30 years ago, Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.) taught his son Perry to fly in the family’s 1954 Grumman Tiger. Perry’s first cross-country flight after he soloed was to Oshkosh, his dad sitting proudly in the seat beside him.

Fast forward to this year’s Oshkosh and Inhofe, a regular at Oshkosh no matter what is going on in Washington, D.C., keeps looking at his watch. He’s waiting for the arrival of the family’s Grumman, this time piloted by his grandson, Cole, who soloed just three weeks before the big show. In the family tradition, Cole was taught to fly by his father at Riverside Airport in Tulsa.

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Double lung transplant survivor earns Private

“Well, I am now a real private pilot, as of yesterday,” noted an email I received this morning from Jennifer Julian. If you don’t recall, I wrote about Jennifer last May. She survived a double lung transplant, earned her 3rd class medical, and was an active student pilot. She’s now a certificated pilot.

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What inspired you to learn to fly?

Staff reporter and Master CFI Meg Godlewski says that’s the first thing she asks new students. Our next print issue is focused on Learning to Fly, so we want to reach out to our readers to find out what inspired them to learn to fly? What are the most important lessons you’ve learned in the cockpit — about flying and about life? What advice would you give someone who has dreamed about learning to fly but hasn’t taken that first step?

We’re also looking for photos to possibly put in the print edition, so send those along of your days as a student. And CFIs: Please send in some of your favorite photos of students. Who knows? They may find a place of honor in our next issue!

You can send comments and photos to janice@generalaviationnews.com. Please put Learn to Fly in the subject line. If you prefer, you can make your comments below.