Win a ride in a T-6 Texan

The Houston Chapter of the Professional Aviation Maintenance Association (PAMA) is selling raffle tickets at the Wings & Wheels event on Sept. 15 at the Hobby Airport 1940 Air Terminal Museum. The drawing will be held that day. First prize is a ride in a North American T-6 Texan. Second place is a Bendix AV8OR Handheld MFD. Call 281-638-7940 or 713-805-1329 before the event for tickets, which are $7 each or five for $25. Tickets will also be on sale at the PAMA booth during the event. Proceeds go toward the scholarships program of the Houston Chapter of PAMA.


40 years and climbing


On Aug. 19, 1972, the first annual convention in Pittsburgh, Penna., was held where the Professional Aviation Maintenance Association (PAMA) was established. We are proud to be celebrating 40 years as the only non-profit organization that is an advocate for the Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT). PAMA promotes professionalism and recognition for AMTs by fostering continuous improvement in aviation safety and through communication, education, representation, and support.

Honesty and integrity: Where have they gone?

On June 1 the website for the Professional Aviation Maintenance Association (PAMA) went down. On Google it came up as a server issue, so we called the host who maintains our server and backs up our site to a separate server in their company. At least that’s what we paid for.

After several phone calls and some amazing Internet tracking we found our website was not hosted in Vancouver, Canada, but in Los Angeles. We also found that the company that our previous management company had set us up with as a host was no company at all.

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Safety is your decision

How do you want your aircraft maintained? Good enough or airworthy? Your answer should be airworthy of course.

Fortunately I have found that aircraft mechanics do not tolerate good enough — but we do not get to make that final call that sends the aircraft upward into flight.

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Why do you join a national organization?

All the way back to Charles Taylor, aircraft mechanics have worked on aircraft for low pay and little recognition, if any. Our satisfaction comes from working on complicated machines that are fast and sleek. Most of all they fly! We keep them that way. One of the Professional Aviation Maintenance Association’s (PAMA) purpose in this is to be an advocate for the aircraft mechanic — often in ways that you do not see every day or produce immediate results.

So, you ask, what value is any organization to you?

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Making progress at PAMA

14PAMA copy

Our third edition of the PAMA Newsletter in General Aviation News reminds me of how fast our life goes by nowadays. When getting an A&P I never thought that writing articles for magazines and websites would be part of my daily routine.

I recall less than a year ago when I started as president of the Professional Aviation Maintenance Association, I was barraged with ideas and actions that needed attention. I am still sorting through some of them by priority. I am happy to report a couple of them are completed.

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$11.35 million: What will it cost you?

Dec. 18, 2011: One of the largest air crash disaster verdicts was handed down by a Philadelphia jury, which awarded $11.35 million in compensatory damages to Dr. Robert Marisco Jr. and his fiancee Heather Moran, both of Akron, Ohio, in an action against Winner Aviation Corp.

I must first state I am very sorry for their injuries and suffering in this crash. It seems an error chain is what caused the accident, as usual, and each link in that chain has a part to claim.

As the Professional Aviation Maintenance Association (PAMA), we must address a concern we have expressed for years based on our country’s legal system, as well as a few other issues this affects.

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