NJ teen earns driver’s permit, soloes on same day

Josh Eichel earned his learner’s permit to drive a car and flew his first solo on the same day in November at Monmouth Executive Airport (BLM). According to a story in the News-Transcript, the Marlboro, N.J., teenager, who had been working toward the solo flight since 8th grade, noted that his Mom thinks flying is less dangerous than driving: “There’s no road to veer off, nobody to crash into and nobody nearby is texting.”

First solo: Matt Ferrari

Matt Ferrari at his day job, just after landing in Luxembourg

The day started out normal, another flying lesson, the same maneuvers I’d been practicing, nothing out of the ordinary. Flying back to the airport my instructor handed me the microphone prompting me to get an airport advisory. Without much choice, I said “Brainerd Unicom, Cessna 757 Echo Yankee, 10 miles out to the South, inbound for landing, airport advisory please.”

To a greenhorn, trying to talk and fly at the same time is no small task. [Read more…]

Sporty’s offers fast track to first solo


No matter your ultimate goal, if you want to learn to fly, you have to solo. For most pilots, soloing an airplane is even more memorable than earning their license. Now, Sporty’s Pilot Shop has made this milestone even easier by offering a DVD course that includes everything a pilot needs to fly solo — just add flight instructor.

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