New owner takes helm at Thrush Aircraft

A 10-week restructuring process at Thrush Aircraft has been completed, with a new CEO, Mark McDonald, taking the helm of the Albany, Georgia-based company.

“The past few years have been hard for Thrush and for all of our stakeholders,” said McDonald. “But the issues the company had to overcome had little to do with the quality of our product, and nothing to do with the quality of our people. Now, as we begin a new chapter in this legendary company’s history, I can tell you that, from the factory floor to the flight line, all of us are genuinely excited about the future of this great brand.”

“Reorganization is often a fact of life in the aircraft industry – and today we are the better for it – as Thrush is now highly stable, and very well-positioned for growth and long-term success,” added Eric Rojek, vice president.

Founded in 2003, Thrush Aircraft manufactures a line of aerial application aircraft used in agriculture, forestry, and firefighting roles worldwide. There are more than 2,400 Thrush aircraft operating in about 80 countries around the world.

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  • Recently saw an interesting two-seat militarized version of this aircraft, with flat gray paint, wing hard points, and five bladed prop. Ground attack or counterinsurgency role?